Joanna Russell Bliss taking a picture of a couple at the ParthenonAs someone who has worked in marketing and website development for more than 15 years, I know how difficult it can be to find quality photographs that are openly available for use. The photographs in these collections and exhibits have been taken over more than 25 years on various trips to Europe. Photographs from before 2005 are digitized versions of print photographs; larger versions of these images are available upon request. Contact me for more details.

My goal in creating this collection was to make these photographs available for adaptation for print and digital marketing resources, particularly for smaller companies that cannot purchase expensive stock photography. The collections are organized by location/country; two exhibits point out a few themes within the collections for easy browsing for a variety of approaches within marketing, and another spotlights several cities within the collections.

As noted in the footer and in the rights section for each photograph, all works on this site (with the exception of the image on this page) were created by me, Joanna Russell Bliss. Each of my works is licensed under CC BY 4.0, allowing for redistribution and adaptation, as long as the work is attributed to me.

Photo by Tim Bliss