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The beaches on Rhodes may be rocky rather than sandy, but they are just as beautiful.

Bridges, bicycles and canals are everywhere you look in the city.

The beach at El Portet is rocky, but it still has plenty of sand for building castles.

Amsterdam reportedly has 2500 bridges throughout the area, crossing the canals that were dug during the Middle Ages to enable easy travel throughout the city.

For such a large building in a busy city, Westminster has spaces that have been carved out for reflection.

The architectural styles in this cathedral range from modern to abstract to traditional in a somehow cohesive and breathtaking fashion.

While this boat is a prop advertising a local taverna, the fishermen of Mykonos are still busy, particularly during the high season in the summers, catching fish to feed the tourists that flock to the island to party on its beaches.

Like the decorations inside the palace, the fountains in the formal gardens are just as opulent.

Maria Theresa, the mother of Marie Antoinette, added the Baroque flair for which Schönbrunn is known.

A guitar player settles into a small placa hidden between buildings in the Barri Gotic.
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